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How Can I Monitor Different Asset Types With InsightCM? Software?

InsightCM Software can monitor any asset, such as pumps, motors, and turbines, with a broad range of sensor technologies such as vibration, temperature, and pressure.

Monitoring Different Asset Types With InsightCM

Analysts use more than vibration to diagnose machine health problems. InsightCM supports multiple sensor technologies, so experts can monitor various failure modes and cross-check their diagnosis for greater confidence. Supported measurement technologies beyond the standard vibration measurements include MCSA, EMSA, and thermography.


Connect To Any Sensor

InsightCM can connect to almost any sensor to cover a wide range of sensor technologies, such as vibration, temperature, electromagnetic signature analysis, and motor current signature analysis.

Cover More of Your Fleet

With a wide variety of monitoring devices, you can map the technology to different assets based on criticality, regulatory needs, or history of failure.

Prepare for Future Predictive Maintenance Technologies

Ensure your predictive maintenance system is future-proof with the openness to connect to any new sensors, analytics and machine learning tools, or enterprise software your team may adopt.