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Data Acquisition


You depend on measurements to make key decisions and discoveries. Avoid missing critical data with limited tools that can’t meet your application needs. Get to the right decision faster with a customized and accurate measurement solution with anywhere, anytime support.

Shop by Product

Low-Channel-Count, Single DAQ Devices

Find low-cost options for multifunction or single measurements. Buses include USB, Ethernet, PCI, PCI Express, and WiFi.

Medium-Channel-Count, Modular DAQ Systems

See mixed-measurement systems for medium-sized applications. The rugged, portable form factor includes direct sensor connectivity and is available on USB, Ethernet, and WiFi as well as with stand-alone options.

High-Channel-Count, Modular DAQ Systems

Receive industry-leading performance and accuracy with best-in-class synchronization for large systems. Choose from stand-alone operation or remote control options.

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